The Raunch Hands – Ford 7″ (1985)

September 2, 2009

The Raunch Hands – Ford 7″.  Whap-A-Dang Records (Whap Whap 1).  1985.

  1. Ford
  2. The Stroll

One Response to “The Raunch Hands – Ford 7″ (1985)”

  1. Michael Chandler Says:

    From me, Michael Chandler, the Raunch Hands’ singer – Try to find one of these like the one pictured. We hand-colored the sleeves with crayon, magic marker, ball point pen, etc. over a period of several weeks, every time we were hanging out at our manager’s apartment. Sometimes we just colored them… when we got bored, we made several quite graphic. Obviously, they all came out unique. Most that hit the stores, though, were just left black & white.

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